South Taiwan

Red Garden Resort

Small resort with Bali theme, garden and overlooking beach, town has a 7-11 convenience store with some small noodle shops. Five minute drive to Kenting main town which has numerous restaurants and street night market.
Beach in front of hotel has surf during summer, close to two other surfing beach, Long Beach and South Bay, these again are more summer breaks.
Main East facing beach’s are 15 minute drive, Car park beach, beach break type and Jialeshuei which has several breaks, a left hand point, river mouth both left and right and numerous beach breaks along a 1 km long beach. During month of March this is primary break. Further north about 30 minutes drive are numerous reef, point and beach breaks in the Gangzi area, these are less crowded.

Luxurious Double Room
View of the ocean
Exquisite Family Room
Exquisite Family Room

East Coast Hotels Options

All accommodations have been carefully selected by our team. Selected hotels are located within driving reach of all major surf breaks on the east coast.

Cenacle hotel is located 15 minutes south of a large left point reef break, Cheng Gong, often requires solid swell but not effected by north east winds. Another 15 minutes north is Yiwan , another left point break, softer break than Cheng Gong. Further north is Bashien Dong, perfect place for heavy swell when other breaks maxing out, left point break over boulders.

South of Cenacle are several breaks, all within a 15 minute drive. Donghe is a beach break with numerous peaks over small boulders.

Moonlight Seaview is located within walking distance of Jinzun harbour,  famous for WSL contests held every year. With a few different breaks in close proximity to each other it's the perfect place for all levels. The main peak in front of the harbour offers left and right. "Left overs" is a point break to the left of the harbour.

Near the entrance of the harbour theres a reef/sand break which is good on very windy days or when the main break maxes out.  

Moonlight Sea View

A modern design hotel located 1 kilometer from the Jinzun surf break. Moonlight Sea View minimalistic style rooms with large dinning and sitting areas with outdoor sitting and spacious gardens.


A more traditional small hotel located midway between Chengong and Jinzun area surf breaks. Cenacle provides comfortable rooms in a rustic style, rooms are adjoin communal sitting areas making it idea for larger groups.


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