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About Taiwan

Taiwan is located north of the Philippines and southwest of Japan. Taiwan is a sub tropical island straddling the Tropic of Cancer with a high mountain range running from the north of island to the southern tip. Being sub-tropical, whilst the North of island can be cold and wet in winter the Southern and Eastern coast enjoy sunshine with clean waters and fresh air. 
With yellow sandy beaches in the south, palm tress and dramatic mountain backdrops Taiwan can be considered to have an outer Island Hawaiian feeling. The East coast with mountains meeting the ocean offers black sand and boulder type breaks, again warm clear water and unpolluted air.
With many beach conditions on offer, surf is suitable for beginners to experienced surfer alike.   
Your surf guides are experienced surfers in their own right having represented Taiwan in International competitions and also on the WSL contest circuit at short board and longboard disciplines.

Tour Package

With the choice of exploring one or both surf destination in Taiwan, our packages range from 5 day to 8 day all inclusive package with hotel, airport pick up and surf guide included. Although our tours are aimed at surfers with some experience we can offer Learn to Surf packages. Our packages are customisable depending on your needs and travel budget. To find out more please contact us. 


South Taiwan

Kenting National Park is located on the most southern end of Taiwan, being a peninsula there are three different seas, on the West we have the Taiwan Strait, to the South, The Bashi Channel and the Eastside is facing the Pacific Ocean. All of the surf spots are within 30 minute drive from the Red Garden Resort, which even has a summertime break in front of the resort. We are blessed with waves throughout the year, from A-frame beach break, reef breaks, point breaks and river mouths. Surf can be found all year round, with warm water even in winter time although the NE Monsoon winds can be a little chilly.

East Taiwan

Taitung located on the east coast of Taiwan faces the Pacific Ocean, best during wintertime, the surf breaks are mostly on cobblestones and river mouths around Donghe and Jinzun, on the bigger swell there is Cheng-gong which is a long left-hand reef point break, one of the most protected stops on the East coast. Taitung is most consistent best during winter, from October till February when the strong northeast wind fills in which sends in a good solid ground swell. Summer months are more dependent on typhoons forming in the Pacific Ocean. The selected hotels are within ten minutes of all main breaks for convenience.            


About Taiwan

To fuel your surf sessions Taiwan has some of the most varied available, produce straight from the fields and fish directly from Ocean results in some of cleanest and freshest you will ever taste. Be your choice sea food, vegetarian, aboriginal BBQ meat feasts, simple fresh make noodles and dumplings to the famous stinky dofu you wont be disappointed.

The beauty of Taiwan is the diverse cultural back ground, with 16 indigenous tribes and Chinese influence there is plenty to see and experience. Watch aboriginal festivals with vibrant costumes and dance or visit the intricate Taoist Temples. Learn how coffee is harvested and how to make tea the Chinese way.

If surf is unsuitable spend the afternoon in a mountain side hot spring, paddle boarding or hiking along undiscovered mountain trails. 

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